LIVER Sprinkles with TURMERIC | Buddy Bits pet food topper for Dogs & Cats | All natural, healthy dog and cat treat, preservative free

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  • Turmeric promotes digestive, heart and liver health as well as being anti-inflammatory (good for hip and joint, arthritis)
  • Add a little or a lot > it's 100% all natural, grain-free and very low fat (1 tablespoon/meal for small dogs and cats; 2-3 tablespoons for medium and large dogs) - Liver is a very healthy form of protein and the #1 dog treat and cats love it too
  • Liver sprinkles or powder is nutritious and delicious and can be added to food easily - sprinkle on dog or cat food or use spoon to mix (pet food topper to mix with food or serve on its own as a treat)
  • Can help pets with new foods or as incentive to eat (food anxiety tool)
  • Good for over 1 year + as Liver Sprinkles are in powder form with very long shelf life

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Canadian Beef Liver, Turmeric (less than 5%)